The dosresmeta R package: Performing multivariate dose-response meta-analysis

The dosresmeta package is a free and open-source add-on for conducting (multivariate) dose-response meta-analysis with the statistical software environment R. You can install the package (or upgrade to the newest version) from CRAN directly within R by typing:


Extensions to meta-regression models and alternative estimation procedures are included in an update version still under developement, which is avaiable on GitHub by typing:




Reproducible code


Analysis Examples

The links below demonstrate how the models, methods, and techniques described in the respective articles/chapters can be applied via the dosresmeta package. The examples are run using dosresmeta version 2.0.0 avaiable on GitHub.


Additional (useful) code

Older R script in txt format based on dosresmeta version 1.3.1 available on CRAN.